I don't ever remember eating this poorly when I was in school... however, I do admire this man's ingenuity.

Twitter's been an outlet to give people a platform and to share thoughts and ideas for years now... but I can confidently say this Iowa State University student's idea for a snack is going in the wrong direction.

According to KARE 11, Chris Jorgensen, a sophomore at ISU, tweeted a pair of photos last week of a Pop-Tart and cheese sandwich:

OMG... even on my worst day, I would never try this food combo - EVER. This is coming from a guy who would eat ramen noodles and easy mac for days at a time too...

Jorgensen admitted he just wanted to experiment, and also add to all the gross foods posts he sees all the time on social media.

One tweeter even refused to claim him as an Iowan... and passed him along to Massachusetts. Ouch!

What's your favorite odd food combo? Think you can beat a Pop-Tart and cheese sandwich?

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