The cost of living in Rochester seems pretty high compared to smaller towns in Minnesota. It's doesn't seem that much cheaper than living in Minneapolis, either. So if you're interested in saving some bucks, what town is the cheapest to live in? Thanks to the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, we now have that answer.

According to Business Insider, the new survey found that St. James is the least expensive town for homeowners in Minnesota. The survey looked at things like the cost of a mortgage, insurance, utilities, property taxes, and other fees.

So what does it cost to live in St. James, Minnesota? According to the survey, the median monthly cost is around $766. That is...a lot cheaper than what I pay for rent every month. WOW.

Some quick facts about St. James, Minnesota:

- It's two hours from Rochester
- It has a population of 4,605
- It has a Grand Opera House!
- That's it. Those are all the facts.

So would a move to St. James be worth it? Maybe! That four hour commute doesn't sound fun, though.

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