No time of the year celebrates its traditions quite like winter.

But sometimes we all need to break from the trappings of the past and do some 'outside the box' kinds of things.

With that in mind, Fodors has compiled a list of the 12 Quirkiest Winter Festivals in America

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One in the Tri-State area made the cut. Minnesota's PolarFest in Detroit Lakes.

This annual February event has been around for more than 25 years and got its state as a Polar Plunge fundraiser for Boys & Girls Club.

From there PolarFest has continued to grow, adding events like:

  • Father/Daughter dance
  • Mother/Son night
  • Poles in Holes
  • Kites on Ice festival
  • Frozen Fireworks
  • Golfing on the Lake
  • Dancing in the Sand

The 2024 PolarFest runs from February 9-25.

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