Be ready to take your binge watching habits and go next level.

Have you ever been in the middle of a serious Netflix & Chill session, but felt as though your momentum slows every time you have to sit through another opening credits scene to your favorite show? It's like we get it, we know who stars in it, we've seen this 13 times already!

Well fear not Netflix users, because now there's a new feature that allows you to skip all the fodder and get right to the good stuff!

The Verge is reporting that the streaming service is currently testing a button that permits subscribers to skip the theme of certain television shows:

Skipping the opening credits is a long-standing request of many Netflix users. However, it's worth noting, the feature is only usable on both Netflix original series or third-party shows licensed to the streaming service.

With plans to double its original library in 2017, what other features should they look to add to maximize your viewing habits?

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