Can I get diabetes if I gain too much weight? Can I get the Zika Virus if I travel? How did my friend die from a disease I know nothing about? You don't have to set up an appointment or spend big money to figure out how to protect yourself. Ask the experts at this event. 

Tomorrow you can join the Winona State University RN-BSN nursing students at a health fair. They will be there answering questions about a wide variety of health topics like Chronic Disease, Global Health, Climate Change, Mental Health, Vaccines, Zika and more.

One of the nursing students involved in the health fair, Helen says "the health fair is a great way to get a lot of information on a variety of interesting health topics in a short amount of time. The fair aims to promote wellness by encouraging healthy behaviors and by opening people's eyes to the risks that are out there, and how they can be avoided. We will provide the public with the latest health recommendations, and many of the topics that will be covered come from the American Public Health Association so are very relevant in today's world!"

When is it?

Thursday April 13th

What time?

9a -1p


Heinz Center (Building B, 1926 College View Road East)

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