With Thanksgiving just around the corner, what food item are you looking forward to eating the most?  A lot of people say the turkey...and then they fall asleep...but a huge chunk of people immediately say desserts.  And if you love pie, check out the top 9 picks that people say are the best pies to serve on Thanksgiving Day.

Top 9 Pies People in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin Love to Eat on Thanksgiving

Before you start cooking, take a look at the favorite pies below to make sure you are making what your guests are actually wanting to eat.

Top 9 Pies People in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin Want at Thanksgiving

Delta Dental took a survey among all Americans and found the Top 9 favorites that make our taste buds sing.

What's your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

I'd love to hear yours.  Message me now on my Facebook page, Jessica On The Radio.  Mine was in a time before the pandemic hit when my family would invite everyone to the house.  One special guest was the absolute best cook in the world and brought homemade buns, homemade whipped cream, pies, and even more.  It was scrumptious and was the reason we all needed to wear stretchy pants on Thanksgiving day.

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Check Out The List Of Stores That Won't Be Open on Thanksgiving

If you were planning on eating a whole bunch of turkey on Thanksgiving Day and then hitting up some stores for deals, you'll need to do a lot of that shopping online this year.  Over 30 stores in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and throughout the United States have already announced that they are closing for the day.  Check out the list of 30+ stores closed on Thanksgiving Day here: Huge List of 30+ Stores Closed in Minnesota on Thanksgiving

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