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I travel a lot and I've seen some gross things in hotels, but luckily, I've never had to face the nightmare of dealing with bed bugs. These disgusting pests are nocturnal and feed on the blood of unsuspecting sleepers, and what's worse, they're really good travelers, hitching rides on luggage and spreading to new places.

Learn what to watch out for when staying in hotels and check out details about the vacation spot recently labeled the bed bug capital of the country below.

Macro photo of a bed bug

According to the EPA, Bites from bed bugs may resemble those from other insects like mosquitoes or chiggers, as well as rashes such as eczema or fungal infections, and even hives. These pests conceal themselves in beds, within chair and couch seams, between cushions, and within the folds of curtains.

WebMD says fully-grown bedbugs have flat bodies roughly the size of an apple seed. Following a meal, they swell and take on a reddish hue.

The advice for travelers is to inspect bed sheets for signs such as blood spots, tiny pale yellow eggs or eggshells, and bedbug droppings—small black dots akin to the size of a period.

Top Minnesota Vacation Spot Crowned Bed Bug Capital of the U.S.

If you're considering a spring break escape or a summer road trip, it's worth noting that a preferred destination among Minnesotans has earned the title of the nation's bed bug capital.

Giuseppe Cacace
Giuseppe Cacace

Pest Control company, Orkin, recently released their annual bed bug report which ranks the worst cities in the country based on the highest number of bed bug treatments between December 1, 2022, and November 30, 2023.

Minneapolis ranked 47th on the list, while a popular destination for many Minnesota families, Chicago, claimed the top spot. The Windy City was identified as the nation's worst city for bed bugs. Make sure to inspect your hotel sheets!

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