Breweries around the country love to experiment with new beer flavors. Sometimes they're a hit, other times they're a total miss. That's the game that brewers have to play. And that's the game this Wisconsin brewery is playing with their latest beer.

Beers can be infused with a lot of different things, the possibilities almost seem endless. But maybe where this brewery went is where the line should have been drawn.

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Topsy Turvy Brewing in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

In the beautiful town of Lake Geneva (which is less than an hour from Milwaukee), there's a brewery called Topsy Turvy where the slogan is: 'Flippin' Good Beer.'

Looking at their drink menu, they seem to have a variety of delicious-sounding beer. They've got a blonde, a chocolate stout, a hard seltzer, a hefeweizen, and many others.

But then they made a beer using a bug that's been in the news a lot lately.

It's weird enough that they made a beer with bugs but the kind of bug it is makes it worse.

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Wisconsin Brewery Makes Cicada Beer

They've made a beer using cicadas. Yep, these things.


I'm usually pretty open to trying new beers but this one's a hard pass for me.

Cicadas have been in the news because of the two broods that are out at the same time this summer making this extra loud in parts of the country. Southeast Wisconsin is a spot where lots of cicadas have popped up. So apparently someone said, "why don't we turn them into a beer?"

It's called Magicicada Buzz and it's a Nut Brown Ale made with cicada dust.

If you were hoping to try this beer, unfortunately, it appears they're out. It's not listed on their website currently and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal writes that it was a limited-edition beer at least through the town's Cicadapalooza festival a couple of weekends ago.

Part of me hopes they bring it back because it's so bizarre but another part of me says it's maybe for the best that it was a limited-edition.

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