Several years ago, I took a road trip from Minnesota to New Orleans. The farther south I went the dirtier it was. I didn’t notice much litter on the side of the road in Minnesota, Iowa, and Northern Missouri, but from St. Louis on there was a ton of trash. It seemed like every ditch on every highway was covered in trash. It was pretty gross but helped me appreciate the way we take care of our land here in Minnesota even more.

Our highways are mostly clear of litter, our air quality is almost always good, and we take great care of our lakes and rivers, but what about our cities? The lawn care company, LawnStarter, decided to figure out what the dirtiest city in America is and two Minnesota cities made their list.

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The Dirtiest Cities in America

LawnStarter ranked 2023’s Dirtiest Cities by comparing more than 150 major cities in America. They scored each city in four categories: pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction.


Houston, Texas, pictured above, was named this year’s dirtiest city.

I’m sure their chamber of commerce is thrilled with LawnStarter for calling them out.

Newark, NJ came in 2nd, San Bernardino, CA was 3rd, Detroit, MI was #4, and Jersey City, NJ was #5.

Two Minnesota Cities Make The List Of Dirtiest in America

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Minneapolis landed near the bottom of the list.

Minneapolis was #131 and St. Paul came in at #133. The population in the Twin Cities area is close to 3 million so it’s not that surprising that those two cities are the dirtiest in the state.

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