Do you remember these "old school" Rochester restaurants? We feel like they need to come back!

I love browsing the ...You know you're from Rochester if! group on Facebook! As somewhat of a "newbie" to Rochester, I like to see what you guys care about. I like to see what you miss. I like to know what meant something to you.

This week, two restaurants caught my eye, purely because I love 50's looking diner type places! These two reminded me of that look.


  • Micki Ball via Facebook
    Micki Ball via Facebook

    Henry's Hamburgers

    In the group, Micki Ball explains, "I still can't believe competition from Mc Donald's put them out of business. Mc Donald's only had hamburgers and Henry's had all kinds of things. Chicken, fish, BBQ beef, hot dogs, steak sandwich etc."

    What was your order at Henry's? Right now there's only one in Michigan that still exists.

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    Carter's Family Restaurant

    It doesn't get more Minnesota nice than this! We love family restaurants. I think they're lacking anymore, so I wish this one would come back.

    Dawn Marie wrote in the group, "My first job at 16 years old. They had awesome food and I loved the Carter family that owned and operated the restaurant.
    I learned how to work, how to deal with people, and how to remember a customer's order correctly."

    The good old days!

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