Over the past couple of weeks, Minnesota police have been cracking down on speeding. They handed out a whopping total of 16,580 speeding tickets. Oof!

I've only ever been pulled over a handful of times and it's been for things like "Hey your left brake light is out", "Just FYI you shouldn't have anything hanging from your rearview mirror" and my favorite "Umm do you know that your tabs expired 5 months ago?" I honestly had no idea! The officer was very nice though and told me to get new tabs ASAP and sent me on my way!

No matter what the reason is for being pulled over, even if a cop is driving past me with their lights on, I panic and my legs get tingly for a second (Anyone else? Just me? Kay.) So of course when someone is in a panic because they're being pulled over you might say some... interesting things.

Of the excuses officers heard over the past 2 weeks, these are the best:

  • One person was going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone because they had just picked up a cake pan they were borrowing and was super pumped to get home and use it.
  • A different person was caught going 99 mph because he NEEDED to get to Taco Bell before it closed.
  • Another man was caught speeding and said it was because the A/C in his truck broke and he was using the speed to cool down.

Ya know, I guess it's better to tell the truth as to why you're speeding rather than lying, even if it's because you're just way too excited to cook! At least the officers probably got a good laugh out of these excuses!


Source: Fox News


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