This might be the best tradition in all of college football right now, and it's not even a week old.

With the calendar changing from August to September, a few things always come to mind:

  • My birthday
  • The return of Pumpkin Spice everything
  • and Football Season!

I should probably disclose right here and now that I'm a die-hard Minnesota Gophers fan. My grandfather graduated from there back in the 1950's, and ever since maroon and gold have flowed through my families veins.

While Wisconsin is certainly at the top of my s--t list, the University of Iowa is a very close second as far as rivalry's go due to it's proximity and their fan base being everywhere within the toss of an ear of corn.

Having said that, I can honestly say their newest tradition is now my favorite throughout college football. And that's saying something considering there are so many in a sport that is so rich with them!

The new UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital was built next door to Kinnick Stadium, and in turn, it provides its patients with a very unique view on Saturdays in the fall. Knowing that several kids would be watching Iowa’s season opener against Wyoming, it was Levi Thompson's suggestion that fans wave to the children during the game:

I had a lady by the name of Krista Young write into me at Hawkeye Heaven back in June saying it would be neat to do a wave for the children at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. I wanted it to be something that I knew I could pull off without the help from The University. So I put a post on Hawkeye Heaven asking for people to send in their photos overlooking the stadium. The response was enormous. I then used those photo's to push the 1st Qtr Wave on social media leading up to the 1st game. So glad it worked out and extremely happy for those kids. Bringing a smile to their faces is cool to see and putting them in the spotlight even if it's just for a moment is something I hope we can continue to do each and every home game.

Yep, hits you right in the feels doesn't it? Bravo to Levi and the University of Iowa fans and officials for making this happen!

If but for one Saturday a year when your team plays mine, you've got a new fan in me.

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