A few days ago, we called on the nurses in Rochester to help Samm. She had/has an odd thing going on, and we wanted to make sure she wasn't dying. She went to the doctor, and here's what they told her... 

Some joked and said I was hatching baby spiders, some said it was staph infection, others said eczema. I was slightly terrified, not going to lie.

If you missed the story, the original is linked below, but essentially I was bitten by a spider back in 2013. Why do I bring it up now? Because I get these little blisters, puss pockets or something along those lines that come back a few times a year.

Well, here's what the doctor said:

Taking my finger, he says "oh yeah, that's just eczema. The fact that it's the same place that you were bitten is purely coincidental. I get those too, same exact spot! Glad I'm not alone."

I giggled a little...

Well, GREAT news, I'm not going anywhere (yet).

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