I love this time of year because we get to witness real-life Christmas miracles. The video below shows, Shelby Thill, a server at IHOP in Des Moines receiving a massive tip on a $10 order on Thanksgiving Day. Thill told WHO-13, “It was perfect timing for Christmas so I could go out and spend time with my family instead of working all the time..." The generous customer was actually a local photographer that used social media to collect money to use for the surprise.

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Another awesome act of holiday kindness happened in Atlanta, Georga where 5 entrepreneurs went into a grocery store and took over for the clerks for 2-hours. They rang up families and surprised them by paying for all of their groceries. In total, they bought $40,000 worth of groceries. One of the men, Jason Lobdell, told 11 Alive News, "We literally took up every register at the grocery store and family after family would go through. I'm still floating on cloud nine after seeing those faces and getting all those hugs from the grannies and whipping those tears. It was just a good feeling." Watch the video below.

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