CNN reports a new-and-improved Teddy Ruxpin will be released next year.

I had one.  My friends all had one.  It was THE toy to have growing up in the 80's!

Originally released in 1985, it was one of the first animatronic toys ever made, and one of the best-selling toys of all time according to Gizmodo.

The 1985 version of Teddy Ruxpin had a moving mouth and eyes and told stories to kids via a cassette player in its back.  Considering smartphones Xboxes weren't invented yet, and home computers weren't any thing spectacular when it came to games, these toys were pretty mind-blowing to kids like me!

But considering kids today have all those things and more at their disposal, an old-school Teddy Ruxpin just won't do... so that's why a company called Wicked Cool Toys is giving ol' Teddy a serious upgrade:

The 14-inch tall bear (priced at $99) also has touch sensors in the hands and feet for an easy interface for kids.  By pressing the touchpad on the hand or foot, the user can start, pause or switch a story.

With the upgrade, Ruxpin also got a companion app that lets kids read along with him.

The new Teddy Ruxpin doesn't hit stores until July 2017 - Will you be buying one for old-times sake for your children?

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