This dude got majorly busted, and the whole world gets to see it.

​​Apparently this young man has never heard of the #metoo movement, otherwise I can't imagine anyone trying this stunt in such a public venue with such confidence, knowing full well you could be caught on TV as you make your "move".

During the Vikings game on Saturday afternoon, the television cameras were roaming the stadium when they suddenly focused on a couple in the stands. That's when this happened:

Oh boy.

Clearly she was not having it, as she obviously says "STOP!" to him. Thankfully the "Keys to the Game" graphic covered up the offense as he unwelcomely groped his girlfriend(?) down around her crotch.

It appears near the end of the video when the screen was about to fade back to game action that she was smiling and didn't look too upset at her man's busy hands, but still, you can't feel good if you're this guy for getting caught violating your woman on national television.

His parents have to be so proud.

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