Let me just start this off by saying this is a terrible idea.

In a viral Reddit post from this weekend, a visual of someone hauling an ATV down the highway on the roof of a 4-door sedan in Minnesota grabbed the attention of many across the region.

The car, spotted near Elk River in the northwestern metro area, had the ATV perched with two tires on the roof of the car and the other two tires on the trunk. Pieces of lumber used as wheel blocks and tow straps (questionably) held the machine in place.

Seen near Elk River. I am both impressed and confused.
by u/ThiccBananaMeat in minnesota

The comments on the original post were wild, with some people making jokes, and others questioning the safety or legality of hauling something in this fashion on a car. Some commented on how the value of the Yamaha Grizzly ATV is likely higher than that of the car hauling it, while others posed concerns about the car's tires and suspension, springtime pothole-riddled roads, and the weight of the load along with how it was attached.

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One person offered some quick math that traveling at 55 mph with the weight of the ATV if a quick stop was necessary, the tow straps might not handle the force generated. In a debate about legality within the thread, one person recalled someone hauling a snowmobile "rigged up in a sketchy way" on a car that led to a $300 fine.

Another person claiming to be the driver of the vehicle hauling the ATV said they talked to law enforcement prior to loading the ATV, claiming that it was legal as long as it was well-secured.

MORE: Wisconsin State Patrol pulls over car with snowmobile on roof

While you can debate just how "secure" this ATV was attached to the car or how good of an idea it is, a lot of people were left wondering how the ATV got loaded onto the car. A video was posted later in the day on Sunday, showing exactly how it was done.

In the video posted, the driver of the car pulls into a parking spot, rocks the ATV back and forth to show just how "securely" it is attached to the car, then proceeds to drop some ATV ramps onto the trunk to drive the Yamaha off the car, then back on again. 

(Final Update) For those asking how he got the ATV on the car by u/mowing_my_lawn in minnesota

The driver seems quite confident in pretty much every aspect of this situation, but it just seems like a terrible idea all around. Probably don't try this at home.

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