Would you buy a doll that might possibly be possessed? There is a haunted doll for sale right now in Wisconsin and it could be yours if you are into that kind of thing. This doll is allegedly haunted just based on the fact that it is a Chucky doll, either.

According to the seller of the doll, it is "possibly possessed" and very "creepy" which is pretty obvious just by looking at it. Unfortunately, we don't have too much information on what makes this doll haunted or possessed but it sure looks spooky!

The doll is currently located in Wisconsin Rapids. Chucky is being sold for about $88, which is a high price to pay if you are in for a lifetime of hauntings. However, if you are just into scary movies and things that may go bump in the night, that isn't much for a doll like this. Chucky is a classic after all.

I don't know about you but I am not taking any chances on buying a haunted doll, even though I love everything scary under the sun. I also wouldn't risk having a Chucky doll in my house because haunted or not, it would give me a jump scare every single time. My family would also use it to prank me.

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If you are into that kind of thing, you better hop on it while he is still for sale on Facebook Marketplace! It is surprising how many creepy or supposedly haunted dolls there are online these days. I would rather deal with a haunted doll than any type of clown but hopefully I will never be in the position to choose. Ha!

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