The 7-day forecast is showing sub-zero nights every day between today and the morning of 1/2/18 which means the Warming Center (Salvation Army) will be activated to give a warm shelter for those that are homeless.

On top of the regular shift volunteers, there is a need to provide a meal on the nights the Warming Center is activated. 70- shifts that need to be covered.

The shifts include:

7pm-1am on 12/28

1am-7am on 12/29

7pm-1am on 12/29

1am-7am on 12/30

7pm-1am on 12/30

1am-7am on 12/31

7pm-1am on 12/31

1am-7am on 1/1

7pm-1am on 1/1

1am-7am on 1/2

Staff usually arrive at the Warming Center around 6pm to start setting up, so if you're ever available to do that, or are working a 7pm shift, and want to come in early to help - it would be greatly appreciated.
Please contact Alex Hurlebaus at (507) 288-3663 x103 if you are able to pick up any of these shifts or provide a meal. Thank you so much for doing what you can to help our community members who are currently without shelter.

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