My mom is a genius! She used to say I couldn't shower during the rain. I just thought it was her opinion, but turns out it's a fact. You definitely should not take a shower during the rain. More specifically during a storm. If you hear thunder, a rule of thumb, stay away from the water. That includes the dishes (shoot, I was really hoping to go home to the dishes being done by the hubby today - zing).

A lightning safety specialist for the National Weather Service says to stay safe inside your home during a storm you should stay away from anything that conducts electricity, including wires and plumbing. "He says showering and washing dishes are both dangerous things to do any time you can hear thunder, not just because of metal pipes, but also because the impurities in tap water can conduct electricity." What does that mean? Lightning can strike and electricity can travel through pipes and water, shocking you. Holy crap!

Stay safe out there my friends! The storms will pass... Until then, dry shampoo. ;)

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