One time a raccoon attacked our campsite stealing several bags of chips and every time we camp we have to deal with mosquitoes but we've never had to worry about anything like this. This is scary.

Law enforcement has been searching for 38-year-old Dallas Christel for several months and believe he is most likely hiding in campgrounds in Wisconsin. Fox 11 reports: Christel is wanted for a number of charges including second-degree sexual assault, strangulation and suffocation and that he is a repeat offender of domestic abuse and has multiple narcotic violations.

NBC 26 provided this description: Christel is a white man, five-feet-seven-inches tall and 125 pounds. He has blue eyes and brown hair. He also may be going by the name Dallas Grabinski. He also has distinctive tattoos on the side of his body, neck, arms and hands. See pictures of the fugitive here.

Authorities believe he is hiding around Calumet County but could have moved on to other parts of Wisconsin. He is considered dangerous and should not be approached. Anyone that spots him should contact authorities immediately.

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