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I was in awe the whole time watching this video! The same people who shared the one-shot drone video of Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota (if you haven't seen that video you can check it out HERE). And now they've shared a new one-shot video with us of the Mall of America and it's amazing.

Sky Candy Studios shared their Mall of America drone video earlier today, Wednesday, on their Facebook page. It starts in the section of the mall where they have the monarch butterfly display hanging from the ceiling. Then they fly us through Nickelodean University which is quite the flight passing by all of the running rides! And finally, it ends at The LEGO Store.

My mouth may have been open the whole time I was watching that. The video is incredible with the flight pattern, how close it gets to everything including the rides, and the speed that it's flying at! It's seriously an art.

Do you think they did all of this in one go? There's no way, right? I bet they practiced it so many times to make sure it lined up perfectly. I mean it looks like they lined it up perfectly with when all of the rides were running! That's seriously impressive!

If you want to check out other cool projects from Sky Candy Studios you can check them out on their Facebook page or on their website.

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