My mom is going to hate me for posting this...

I'll never apologize for talking about my kid too much.

Becoming a father is the best thing to ever happen to me, and I've got the best woman in Danielle to help me raise our daughter, Charlee, right.

To set up the video below, we actually found out we were pregnant shortly after we made the decision to move back to Rochester from Fargo and we had to sit on the news for what felt like an eternity!

At the same time, my parents had also decided to move to Rochester, so for my dad's birthday we decided to meet them for drinks and celebrate for a bit here in town...

Now obviously Danielle couldn't drink, so to keep the secret for another 30 minutes before I got there from work she had to literally sprint inside the bar ahead of my folks and alert the waitress that she wanted a virgin "vodka 7up" to fool them and not give up the surprise too early!

So, when I finally arrived later, this is what happened:

Pretty awesome, right? I'll cherish this video forever.


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