It's closing time for Mac's Cafe and to say many of us are bummed is an understatement. Mac's has been a long standing fixture in downtown Rochester. It started 68 years ago and George Psomas continued his families legacy allowing all of us to enjoy the gyros and omelets that became a popular commodity for anyone that passed through the cafe.

The decision to close Mac's didn't come easily for Psomas. There was certainly hesitation but ultimately keeping it open in the location downtown no longer was feasible with rising costs. A bittersweet moment as the staff ran operations like normal on the Thursday before they closed. My best friend, Alissa and I stopped in for one last gyro and omelet. I was impressed that the service wasn't lacking especially since it was the day before closing. In fact, the service was exceptional - ensuring that Mac's would go out with a bang.

I asked Psomas what advice he'd give to anyone when faced with important decisions in life and what made Mac's a success. He said "Stay true to yourself, to your ethics, to your morals. A lot of love from the employees and customers is what makes a place like this so special."

If you're wondering about what's next for Psomas, where the heck we'll find gyros and life after Mac's? Keep watching, he says "Something is in the works, don't know what capacity yet but we are known for our famous gyros."

We look forward to sinking our teeth in them again. Until next time, we bid you adieu, Mac's.

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