We got her so good!

106.9 KROC and Clements Subaru have teamed up this year to share the love around Rochester!

No doubt you've seen our team traveling around the area performing random acts of kindness to all sorts of deserving people. It's our hope that demonstrating these acts of kindness, that it gets to be contagious, and in turn will cause others to do the same.

At the head of our mission, is our own Danielle Teal.

She's been performing RAK's for years and has a heart of gold, which is why we knew eventually we had to show her some love for spreading so much of it herself for so long.

That day came last Wednesday.

We had another RAK lined up that day, but received a text message from her that morning saying she'd injured herself pretty badly over the weekend... so much so she needed x-rays for a bruised rib, and because of that she couldn't make our latest ambush.

So it was at that moment, we knew we had to pounce and finally return the favor and show her some love.

After we post-poned our original plan, we ran and bought her some get-well gifts and took them over to her pad. As you could see, she was extremely shocked and moved by our gesture.

We appreciate you Danielle, and love that you're part of the TSM and Clements Subaru team!

If you'd like to nominate somebody who you think deserves a random act of kindness, you can sign them up HERE.

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