Are you ready for Halloween?  It's almost time to get the kids dressed in layers and venture into the neighborhoods asking for candy.  It sounds like some neighborhoods in Rochester are going a bit extreme for this holiday.

The Best Neighborhoods For Trick-Or-Treating Are...

  • Northern Heights Drive - buckets will get full super fast and one of the houses hands out books
  • Diamond Ridge - one of the garages in the neighborhood is haunted (but don't worry, the scary factor can be toned down for those that need it!)
  • Wedgewood Hills and Kingsbury area (off of 55th Street NW) - one house has an inflatable maze
  • North Park (by the water tower) has a guy making cotton candy in his garage

Thanks to everyone that added their favorite spots for trick-or-treating on our Facebook page.  You can check out the entire list on our Facebook page below or at this link!  It includes places in Kasson, Stewartville, assisted living centers and some Trunk-Or-Treat events too!

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