364 days a year your kids reap the benefits of your hard work, but there's one day when the roles are reversed. Halloween! They hunt and you eat! New data from YouGov finds that 74% of parents admit to taking at least a few pieces of their kid's Halloween candy. That's a lot but that still seems low to me. I think every single parent is swiping at least one piece of candy.

Urban Dictionary defines the act as "Dad Tax"- "The portion of a child's meal, Halloween candy, video game time, etc. that a father rightly takes as his own, mostly because you wouldn't be there without him."

Don't kid yourself, Moms are snagging some of those peanut butter cups too. But how much should you take? I think a few pieces is OK, but there are some real nasty parents that take everything. 4% of parents surveyed said they typically eat all of their child’s Halloween candy.

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