I passed by this construction a few days ago and had to do some research to figure out what was going on. What's being built by Fleet Farm in Rochester, Minnesota? There are some apartment complexes in that area so I thought maybe that's what it could be. But after my research, I don't believe that to be the case.

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The sign by the construction just says "Coming Soon - Spring 2022" and that the company responsible is Towner Companies. Not a ton of info but I think an apartment complex was a reasonable guess. But no, based on Towner Companies' website, they've been building storage units in the area. When I look back on the photo that I took of the construction, this makes sense. There's a mock-up on the sign of what the final building will look like and it definitely doesn't look like apartments, they look like storage units.

Towner Companies actually has another storage unit project they're working on that you may have been by before over by Costco on the other side of Rochester from Fleet Farm. It's called West Circle Storage and that one is much further along and is expected to open next month.

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Right now Rochester seems to be the hot place for new businesses! We've got quite a few new restaurants coming in but in the past few days, we've learned about two new clothing stores in the Apache Mall: Daily Thread, which is already open, and Windsor, which is expected to open mid to late October.

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