Depends on what part of the state you hail from and what you call it, but there's no debating the fact that us Minnesotan's LOVE a good hotdish/casserole!

My favorite hotdish growing up was always my mom's tator tot hotdish, and I always asked for it whenever given the opportunity to choose dinner for that night. There's just something about those crunchy tots mixed in with green beans or corn that always brought the meal together in one delicious medley.

OK, so now that I've started to drool all over myself thinking about it, I bring this all up because earlier today I stopped by Potbelly Sandwich Shop for lunch and noticed this really cool poster they had hanging on the wall.

Maybe you've seen it there also, but it has all the favorite hotdishes made by different regions across Minnesota! It's tough to read a lot of these from the picture below, but a couple that caught my eye were:

  • Turkey Pot Pie - Hutchinson
  • Ham & Beans - Milaca
  • Tangy Tuna-Mac - Alexandria
  • Frankfurter Hot Dish - New Ulm
  • Souper Spam Hot Dish - Austin

Now that last one doesn't shock me at all considering we live in Spam country, but as I'm looking around Rochester I see it lists "Saucy Fish & Rice" and "Old World Saurkraut" for our region... What the heck are those? I've never even heard of them before.

So I'm sitting here wondering: If we could update this poster, what would you say is Rochester's official hotdish/casserole for our region?


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