Everybody loves it when the ice cream truck comes around! So, what's the one thing you always have to buy whenever it comes by?

My wife struggles with making decisions all the time. Whether it's ordering food at a restaurant, or picking out an outfit to wear, there's always a battle going on inside her beautiful brain on which way to go.

The same thing happens whenever the ice cream truck comes around. Ever since we moved into our new home in April, we've heard that magical jingle in the distance - an unmistakable music that can only be described as something that's pulled straight out of a page of your childhood.

My wife Danielle (left) and our friend Alyssa with her dog Lilly picked out their perfect frozen treats!

Like a dog responding to a door-bell being rung, my wife automatically drops whatever it is she's doing at that moment and starts digging for loose change so she can buy a delicious treat from the ice cream man from his array of options in the truck!

Now, don't get me wrong. I love a good frozen treat as much as the next guy. I just think it's cute how my wife can't contain her excitement for a drumstick or fruity-popsicle. I mean, it's one of the reasons I married her... but I digress.

What's the ONE thing you always have to buy when the ice cream truck comes around? Me: Gimme that giant Oreo Cookie ice cream sandwich!

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