So many people move to Rochester, Minnesota from all sorts of places. Some move here for a short time and others stay. Many of them come for Mayo but others don't (like me!).

Where are all of these people coming from? What did they leave behind to come to the Med City?

KuznetsovDmitry, Thinkstock
KuznetsovDmitry, Thinkstock
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Where People Who are Leaving Rochester, MN Move To

Let's talk about the opposite scenario really quickly. When people move away from Rochester, where are they going?

According to a survey by Stacker,  the top 10 places are:

10. Houston, TX metro area

9. Eau Claire, WI

Google Maps
Google Maps

8. San Diego, CA metro area

7. Des Moines, IA metro area

6. New York/Newark/Jersey City metro area

5. Duluth, MN

Pier B Resort Hotel, Duluth
Pier B Resort Hotel, Duluth

4. La Crosse, WI

3. Phoenix, AZ metro area

2. Mankato, MN

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area

Cynthia Froid Group
Cynthia Froid Group

Number one isn't surprising at all.

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Where People are Coming From to Move to Rochester, MN

Now let's get into where people are coming from to move to Rochester. This is also based on a Stacker survey. It was done this year, 2024, and is called "People From These Metro Areas are Looking to Buy Homes in Rochester, MN".


So people coming from these areas are coming to Rochester and are here to stay for at least a little while.

The top 10 are:

10. Owatonna, MN

9. La Crosse, WI

8. Austin, MN

7. Winona, MN

6. Jacksonville, FL

5. Red Wing, MN

4. San Francisco, CA

3. Dallas, TX

2. Minneapolis, MN

1. Chicago, IL

The only ones I'm surprised by are the people coming from Florida, California, and Texas. You know it's cold here, right?

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