Last week we talked about Ben & Jerry's new doggie desserts and our station app blew up with people seeking more info. If you missed the story - Ben & Jerry's has introduced two new ice creams specifically for dogs. 

Regular ice cream is not safe for your dogs. On their site, the Vermont-based company explains, "According to dog experts, most dogs can tolerate dairy only in very small amounts, and they may get upset bellies if they have too much." These doggie desserts are safe because they are made with sunflower butter which is safe for dogs to eat.

Dog owners who are looking to spoil their pups with the frozen treats will initially have two flavors to choose from. Pontch's Mix is flavored with peanut butter & pretzel swirls and Rosie's Batch has is pumpkin flavored with mini cookie chunks. The company says, "Whether you're rewarding good pups or cooling off a yardful of party animals, we think they're just about the finest, K9-est frozen treats you can fetch for your 4-legged friends."

So where can you find Pontch's Mix and Rosie's Batch? Almost immediately after Ben & Jerry's announced the new product, HyVee sent a tweet saying they would be carrying the treats.

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