Almost a month later to the day, the Vikings celebrated another touchdown with a hilarious celebration in our nations capital yesterday.

On a cool night in Chicago on Monday Night Football, the Vikings scored against their division rivals, the Chicago Bears... but what happened next sparked a rejuvenation in how the NFL is doing touchdown celebrations.

Tight end Kyle Rudolph caught a 3rd quarter pass from Case Keenum, and immediately called for his teammates to sit down in the end zone - To play a game of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck:

Since that night, we've seen players do Rock'em Sock'em Robots, play hide and go seek and even pull off a potato sack race whenever they've crossed the goal line.

Fast forward to yesterday, and this time it was wide receiver and Minnesota native Adam Thielen who called his troops together for another school-yard classic - Leap Frog!

I don't know about you, but I love all this creativity!

What's next - Tag? Red Rover? Dodge ball?!

Time will tell, but which is your favorite celebration so far:

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