I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around this - Americans will spend $410 million on Halloween greeting cards this year. Again - $410 million on Halloween cards

For years now, Halloween's been consistently growing in popularity.

I have friends that host Halloween parties every year, and they're in their late 30's early 40's. Not that their age is a big deal, but what I'm getting at is that to them it's still a fun thing to participate in, which is awesome.

Well the National Retail Federation just released its annual report on Halloween, and this year, Americans are going to spend $9.1 BILLION - an all-time record!

Not surprisingly, costumes, candy and decorations take up a huge chunk of this... but what I can't quite figure out is why $410 million of that is going towards GREETING CARDS?! 

Who the heck is buying and sending all these greeting cards, and why?

Are they for kids to pass around at school or something, because I don't understand why you'd need to send a Happy Halloween card in the mail? Halloween doesn't rank anywhere near Christmas, or even Easter in terms of reasons to send one via snail mail, so I'm just wondering who these people are?

I mean come on, it's 2017! If you're gonna send a card, do it electronically via social media instead and save yourself some money for crying out loud!

I've seen the cards in the Rochester Targets and Wal-Marts, so someone in Rochester has to be buying them. Are you that person? If you are, fess up and please let me know why and who you're sending them to. I'm just trying to understand it...

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