How did this happen? A Rochester business closed, and no one I've spoken to knew it. I talk to a LOT of people each day, business owners, employees, kids, retired folks, name it...and not one person knew Praire Walls Climbing Gym closed, but it did. July 1st!

Looking for a reason for closing, I scanned their Facebook page and found on May 17th they were promoting youth classes. May 27th they were reminding us they'll be open Memorial Day. June 26, they announced they were in their final week, and July 1st they said goodbye. That's a pretty quick, "Sign up for youth classes" to "So long." 

Why did they close? The fact that some of the best-informed people didn't know they were closing is why.  Or maybe there isn't room for two in Rochester. In my conversations, some people hinted at new ownership...but couldn't give me anything hard and fast. So the reason PW closed is a mystery But a bigger mystery is how I'm just now finding out.

Did you know they'd closed?

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