I'm seriously seeing this EVERYWHERE. Are you?

You probably read that headline and thought, "wait... why is a baby in a brewery?" or maybe you thought, "I mean... I'm guilty of bringing mine to one. What's the problem?"

Before I explain my opinion on whether or not children should be in a brewery, let me provide you some background as to why the heck this even crossed my mind.

I enjoyed a Friday night out with my husband and some friends this past weekend. We decided to go to a brewery for some beer. As soon as we walked in, we noticed that this particular brewery (and I do mean brewery.... not bar in a restaurant) was somewhat filled with children who I guessed were under the age of ten. They were accompanied by their parents who were enjoying some beer themselves.


My friends and I stared at each other and almost asked the same question without verbalizing it - "why are there kids in the brewery?"

I seriously didn't understand it!

Full disclosure: I'm not a parent, but if I were I wouldn't be bringing my child to a brewery that doesn't serve food. Why do they need to be there? Are they eating food too? (That I understand!) Do I need to censor myself around them because they're so young? Honestly, that's how it felt.

For the record, these kids were not belligerent - but I was definitely uncomfortable. This particular brewery does not offer food but welcomes you to bring some in to enjoy with your beer.

I get it - parents need a night out. Plan ahead. If what you really want to do is try a brewery, why not find child care so you can truly enjoy yourself? You wouldn't have to watch them. You could just focus on the beer and each other. I do understand that sometimes finding child care is easier than others, but isn't a plan like this worth a little more planning ahead?

I did wonder if maybe I was being insensitive about this. As I said, I'm not a parent. I went to talk to our resident "Mom expert" Jessica Williams of Y105-FM and got her perspective on this scenario. She said, "I wouldn't bring my kids to a brewery that didn't serve food. I would think that'd be boring for them."

Do you agree? Or are you totally cool with bringing your kids to a brewery?

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