I love Pete's Repeat as much as the next person, but you wouldn't blink an eye if someone like me was wearing it. I'm a small town Minnesota girl that fully supports local businesses. When someone like G-Eazy is rocking this shirt, you start to question the origin. How did he get it? Why did he get it? What's the story?

We stumbled upon this fantastic throwback picture of a fellow radio friend and G-Eazy from the State Fair a few years back. He was in Minnesota obviously, but Kasson isn't near the cities or on the way for that matter. So was he ever actually at Pete's Repeat?

Does he have friends in Kasson? Did he buy it at Goodwill or something? Seriously though, it's random right? I'm not alone in thinking that am I?

(Photo courtesy of @go953mn@mrpeterparker, and @hizeke)

I asked the radio guys that took the picture, and they aren't sure why he's wearing the shirt either. I have so... many... questions!

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