This is fantastic news!

My love of food is no secret, especially good food. I try to support local establishments as much as my budget allows me to and I would go to bat for many of Rochester's restaurants any day of the week. But if there's one place in town I've been more loyal to over the years is Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill. Their food has always been spectacular and I've always said you get more bang for your buck because their food portions are ginormous!

Well if you're as big a fan as me for owner and chef Jim Nicholas and his brand that he's built over at Wildwood over the years, then you'll be happy to learn he's finally expanding and building a second location in Byron:

So as you can see from above, they'll be moving into the former Sandbaggers building  along the frontage road in Byron and carry all the same menu items you enjoy here in Rochester, plus pizza! Also, the bowling alley will stay put also.

So why Sandbaggers? Chef Jim said "We started looking a little over a year ago and never found the spot that felt like it was 'the one'. Sandbaggers was recenlty remodeled and had a great baseline for what we needed. Plus the community (of Byron) is growing and we wanted to part of it. It's a family spot for kids that also had good beer and wine, plus bowling was an added bonus!"

When asked about when the Grand Opening will happen, Jim told me they should be ready by early August as soon as the remodel is complete!

The new sign should also be up this week too, so be sure to check back here and their Facebook page for more information.

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