You've got presents to buy, places to travel and bills to pay. We want to help!
Listen to 106.9 KROC each weekday at 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM to win cash for Christmas with the LifeWtr Jackpot. Be caller #10 when you hear your cue and take a guess. We'll tell you if you're guess is too high or too low. Listen to all of the guesses to narrow the jackpot amount down... If you guess the correct amount, you get paid!

It's a really easy way to stuff your checking account with extra cash for the holidays. Download our app so you can listen and play anywhere.

We've already given away thousands of dollars this year!

Congrats to these 2017 winners:

Don Staven $134

Carla Cecil $126

Amber Finley $149

Elizabeth Armstrong $174

Mike Tilley $227

Kimberly Baier $569

Nelson Hershberger $408

Jenny Marx $276

Stacey Moore $605

Jon Bryand $108

Steve Mildbrandt $169

Marjo Grimm $112

Liz Gromer $202

Dave Johnson $93

Karter Bradt $209

Bobbie Klande $289

Keep listening to claim your cash!


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