I've been a wine drinker for some time. I'm the dry as they come red wine drinking gal which works out well usually since there aren't quite as many of us. Wine in a can isn't new but for the non-fruity winos they had yet to come up with something not sweet.

Drinking wine in the summer can be a challenge. I mean you need a corkscrew, the bottles are glass and they certainly aren't easy to bring as a companion on the river, outdoor ball games or anywhere really. So naturally, when I saw that they've launched a new line of wine in a can, I was thrilled.

I may be a bit of a wine snob, I honestly don't even care for wine in a plastic cup but the taste I'll say was "interesting". I tried out the Red Blend from House Wine first (which I got from Andy's liquor). The overall flavor of the wine itself wasn't terrible. It grew on me after a bit and in a need for ease of portability, this might do. There was a hint of aluminum but if you can get past that you will be good. Be careful, however, because two 12 oz cans equal a whole bottle of wine!

I also tried the Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon "juice box" which comes packaged in a thick plastic box with a screw off top. One Twist-N-Go box equals 3 - 5ox glasses. This tastes more like the wine you are probably used to at that caliber and I think would make for an easier trip down the river since you can screw the top back on. PLUS, it still fits in a coozie! If I had to pick, this one would win.

Whatever your adventures this summer, CHEERS!

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