Ope. A bar in Wisconsin was busted earlier this month for underage drinking - and lots of it. While underage drinking is nothing new, this story is truly on another level.

There have been some very odd crime stories making headlines lately. A great example of this can be traced back to earlier this month, when it was revealed that someone stole a bench in Lakeside. The neighborhood is calm and idyllic, yet someone still plucked a bench out of a couple's front yard.

Another great example of a weird story happened just a few hours from the Twin Ports. I personally crowned this person one of the dumbest criminals of 2022 after he left a copy of his ID behind at one of his crime scenes.

In case you were curious, the man committed two different thefts, according to the Chaska Police Department. He committed one theft, left his backpack behind with his ID and then went and committed another theft about half an hour later.

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This story is also one that stands out and thankfully, nobody was hurt so it is okay to chuckle a little bit. A bar in Wisconsin was busted earlier this month as part of an underage drinking sting operation of sorts.

The bar was not named, although a quick search on the internet names the bar. The whole incident happened in early September in Madison, Wisconsin. Cops were conducting a "proactive enforcement of liquor laws" in the downtown area of the city when the bust happened.

Cops went into several bars but this one is likely one they will remember for awhile. Why? Because they cited 137 people for either underage alcohol consumption and/or having a fake ID. Yup, 137 people.

Even more wild is the fact that, according to the incident report, only six people in the bar were actually of legal drinking age. That means that 137 out of 143 people were busted for underage drinking and the rest were legal. Wow.

According to the Madison Police Department, they are going to continue to look into things. They even report that "further citations' are likely but did not go into details on what that entails. The bust happened at 10 p.m. on the first of the month.

Some might make some jokes about this, considering Wisconsin has a bit of a reputation for loving beer and alcohol in general. In fact, a few years back, Wisconsin had twelve out of the top twenty drunkest cities in the country.

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