The five-year-old dog took home "Best in Show" yesterday. Check out pictures and her story right here... 

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Rumor's family is from Edgerton, Wisconsin. This was her second year in the Westminster Show. Last year she finished as a finalist. This is the second time a German Shepard has won the show.

Rumor is named after the Adele song "Rumor Has It".

Mika and Khuno

I LOVE clever names!

Meet my fur babies, Mika and Khuno.

Khuno - God of snow storms.

Mika - New moon.

The stories behind their names are super random:

Khuno is an American Eskimo dog, so, of course, I was searching Alaskan names. I was in love with Juno, until I saw Khuno (pronounced the same way - the h is silent) and after reading its meaning and authenticity, I decided it was perfect.

Mika on the other hand, was adopted. She had a very generic name when we took her home. My step son and I were driving, and trying to come up with clever names. That's when we went by Moka - we LOVE Moka. For whatever reason, the name Mika (mee-kah) came to mind and we just knew. When we looked it up and saw it meant "new moon", it stuck.

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