Words Players Theatre's annual Junior Troupe production The Magnificent Nine opens this Friday, May 26, and runs through June 3. It will be held at Olmsted County Fairgrounds, in Floral Hall — an apt, rustic venue for a western-circus-themed show.

The play is set in a late 1800s western town called Magnificent. When a gang of bandits threatens the town, the sheriff runs off, leaving the townspeople to fend for themselves. Their deliverance comes in an unlikely group of nine circus workers, who use their talents to defend the townspeople.

The cast consists of 27 youth ranging in ages 10 - 16 and they have been rehearsing The Magnificent Nine since April 24. The cast has incorporated befitting personal talents (juggling, unicycle riding) into the show, plus some stage combat training they received this past semester (think “bar-room brawls”), as well as live music.

This play will be an action-packed, comedic, western adventure, to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Grab a top hat or a Stetson and join the fun! Grab your tickets here.


Playwright John Byrne will be in town for the second weekend of the show.

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