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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  Construction is swinging into full gear on two new Mayo Clinic projects.

Both are in the downtown campus area.

The largest of the two projects is being developed at the intersection of 3rd Street SW and 4th Avenue SW.

The 11-story building will contain 176,000 square feet of flexible laboratory space. It has been named the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Building, in honor of their foundation’s contribution of $49.3 million. It will include subway connections to Mayo’s Opus and Baldwin Buildings. It will become part of the Discovery Square subdistrict. The building is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2023. The project was initially announced in 2019 as a four-story building.

Mayo Clinic

The other project is two blocks to the south. It will be a new parking ramp located on the west side of the Discovery Square complex.

Kim David/TSM

Mayo spokeswoman Kelley Luckstein says it will be called the Discovery Square Ramp. She says “it will provide about 1,200 parking spaces that Mayo will share with Discovery Square.” Mayo will use 800 of the spaces and the rest will be used by Discovery Square tenants. The permit for the project was valued at nearly $2.4-million.

Meanwhile, construction of the Discovery Square Two building continues. It began last September and is scheduled to be completed by April.


east side of Discovery Square 2 building- Kim David/TSM
west side of Discovery Square 2 building- Kim David/TSM

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