What is a prom date lottery? Your prom date is picked at random, ensuring nobody is left out. A Midwest school has been doing it for decades, and says it works great. What do you think of this idea? 

A high school in Freeport, Illinois, has been using the "luck of the draw" since 1926, making this the 91st year of the prom date lottery. According to Time Magazine, current students think it's a great tradition. It makes prom more of a fun activity you do with a classmate, rather than a date.

I went to a small school, graduating with just 42 people. I was friends with everyone, and feel like this totally would have worked in my school. Seeing how prom is now, I think this might actually alleviate some of that. No more promposal crap! At the same time, I can see this backfire if someone doesn't "like" the date they were given. What do you think?

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