During a typical work week, life can get pretty chaotic. Once 5PM hits, buying groceries and having to brave all the traffic and people is almost always the last thing I want to do. So the idea of having someone else do all that adult stuff for me is pretty appealing.

That’s what Walmart believes, which is why they just started rolling out a food delivery service in Silicon Valley as a trial run. If all goes well, this could be coming to Rochester. How does it work? You’d order groceries online, which would then be delivered by Walmart employees who would personally bring the food into your kitchen and unload it into your refrigerator or pantry. Through a smart-home device, you’d be able to remotely let them in and watch a livestream of the delivery on your phone or computer.

...Would you do that?

On one hand, the whole idea of having your grocery shopping taken care of while you’re at work definitely seems like an upside. On the other hand, it’s a little creepy to let a complete stranger into your home when you’re not there. Maybe even creepier that you get to watch them the entire time. But then again...a new frozen pizza just waiting for you! I think it depends on the actual delivery cost for me. If it's just a few extra bucks? COME ON IN!

Source: Star Tribune

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