Apparently, this is a trend - dog sharing. You're essentially sharing custody of a dog with one or more other families. One lady that is currently doing a dog share program for her Maltese poodle mix tells Kare 11 that "dog sharing is like doggie daycare but without the $25-$30 daily fee, and a loving family gets to experience the joy of having a dog."

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

There are like two people that I trust taking my dogs for a day. I don't know that I have it in me to let them go to another house randomly. I love the idea of them NOT having to stay in a kennel when I'm not home, but it would have to be someone that I give a full on background check and everything -  they are my babies.

There are apps like Dogtime Community and Share a Dog, that pairs "busy dog owners with part-time caregivers in their own neighborhoods to make sure dogs are always loved and well cared for."

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