Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato are feminist rebels in the sleek new visual for "Fall in Line," the performers' powerful new collaboration off Xtina's forthcoming album, LIBERATION.

The music video, which plays out like a twisted episode of Black Mirror, sees Aguilera and Lovato plucked from their idyllic youth as little girls and thrust into techno-dystopian bondage, forced to look and act a specific (and violently prescribed) way while also performing at the every whim of their anonymous soldier captors.

Trapped in cells and under constant 24-hour video surveillance—a metaphor, perhaps, for the intense cultural scrutiny and pressure woman are constantly under in society—the two allies eventually break free of their bonds (literally and figuratively), escaping into the paradise of freedom and non-conformity awaiting them just outside of the hellish facility.

Watch below:

Lovato and Aguilera recently performed "Fall in Line" together at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 20. The empowerment anthem was released May 16.

Aguilera's highly anticipated eighth studio album, LIBERATION, is out June 15. Her last album, Lotus, was released six years ago.

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