Little hearts broke across the country after the announcement of Toys R Us closing. It wasn't long ago that the Rochester store started it's going out of business sale, and in the upcoming weeks, the store will open for it's final day. With limited time to get to the store, maybe you're stressing about losing out on those gift cards you have in your purse. Stress no more, you can actually exchange those gift cards.

Right now, Bed Bath & Beyond is replacing your gift cards with E-credit. The eGift card will be emailed to you within one business day. While it's not 100% of the amount on the card, it definitely beats you losing all that money because you didn't get to the store in time to use it. How bad is it? If you have a $20 gift card, you'll $12.84.

According to, you only have until Thursday, April 5th to exchange your Toys R Us AND Babies R Us gift cards.

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