People flock to it whenever it's in town. Now you could get paid to be behind the wheel of this massive rig. That rig being the nearly 30-foot bright orange and yellow Wienermobile.

weinermobile - Samm

Oscar Mayer is hiring. It is a temp job, but you'll get to drive the Wienermobile for a whole year. As a Hotdogger, you'll make personal appearances at grocery stores, military bases and charity functions. There are six Wienermobiles driving around the country at any given time. It's unclear how many drivers they are looking at hiring, but they are accepting applications through the end of January. You'll start driving in June.

According to the application, Oscar Mayer is offering a competitive salary, benefits, and clothing. According to an article about living the "Wienerful life," Hotdoggers make around $44,000 a year. To check out the application, click here.

Our trucks aren't near as fancy, but hey, you can work with all us goofy radio people! We are hiring too. Click here to learn more about our open positions.

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